Welcome to the Data Usage info page.

Our goal here is to give you a simple guide explaining how much data you are likely to use.

Firstly, Data is also known as "Bandwidth". This is the amount of GB (gigabytes) you either have available or use.

There is approx 1000MB (Megabytes) to 1GB.

So now we have cleared that up, onto your usage.

Text Email and general browsing uses much less data than exchanging pictures or files, gaming is usually surprisingly low

(Since every game is different, please visit the Game Developers Website for accurate data usage info.),

video streaming however is considerably more.

Video streaming will vary greatly depending on quality of stream.

For information on gaming usage, please visit the Game Developers Website for accurate info.

A rough global guide for video streaming would be approx:

240p ~ 150 MB
360p ~ 250 MB
480p ~ 400 MB
720p ~ 800-900 MB
1080p ~ 1.2 -1.4 GB

Netflix Official Data Usage Guide 

Skype Official Data Usage Guide.

A good rough guide for how much data you may use can be found here: 

Cableone Data Calculator 

Understanding bits and bytes, MB, GB, Kb etc. can be a headache, to help, we have added the below calculator.

Courtesy of www.easycalculation.com

The above information is an approximate guide. Accurate information cannot be guaranteed due to the vast number of variables in various medias,

across various sources at various qualities and sizes. LB Communications holds no responsibility for miscalculations or unexpected data amounts

used as a result of the information on this page.