Internet Add-ons

Add extra options to your internet services to make your life easier, giving you and your family more peace of mind.

Xplore home router

With an Xplore router, you no longer have to worry about complicated configurations, incompatibility, reduction in performance or who to call when things go wrong. The Xplore routers are specifically configured to work efficiently with Xplore systems, set up so you can easily control the online security and safety of your family. And if you run into issues, Xplore team is ready to help.

With an Xplore router you will…

Whole home wi-fi

No more Wi-Fi dead zones!

Xplore Whole Home Wi-Fi system is the answer to all your home network needs. Instead of a single router projecting a single wifi signal, you will place multiple “Nodes” or “Cubes” around your home. These nodes connect to each other seamlessly to generate a powerful, single wireless network throughout your entire home, garage, shop and more. From basement to attic, corner to corner, there will be no more “dead zones” , no more standing in specific spots to grab signal, no more reduction in speeds due to poor wifi range. The Whole Home will mesh network your internet to deliver connection wherever you need it.  And you can control the entire thing remotely from an APP!

With Xplore Whole Home Wi-fi you will…

home phone

Special offer!

Regular package only $9.99 per month ($21.99 p/m after 3 months)

Full package $14.99 per month ($24.99 p/m after 3 months)

With Xplore Home phone, you will get all the benefits of a land line phone, for much less cost. Using VoIP (voice over IP) means your phone works through your internet, this way you can get all the great features you need at a low, low cost!

With Xplore Home phone, you will get…